What should I expect on my first visit?

On your first visit, we will provide you with a short questionnaire and a waiver to fill out to ensure you are familiar with our float etiquette at Lacor. This process should only take you 5-10 minutes. After this, we will take you to your private suite where you will be briefed in on what to expect from your first session. We then ask that you shower in your private cubicle in order to wash off any dirts, oils or makeup that may be on your skin before you hop into the tank. After spending an hour in the tank, you will be given enough time in the suite to wash the salt off your skin, get changed and then come join us at reception for a refreshment.

Do I have to close the lid?

You do not have to close the lid if you are uncomfortable. If you are worried you may feel claustrophobic, then you can keep the lid fully or partially open. However, as our tanks are so big, we find that nearly all our customers end up closing the lid anyway!

What do I wear?

We recommend you wear nothing but your birthday suit 🙂 however if you feel more comfortable with swimmers then that is perfectly fine.

What if I can’t float or swim?

There is no need to be able to swim as the water is quite shallow. As for floating, due to the high concentration of salt in the water you won’t even have to try!

What do I need to bring?

We provide you with shampoo, conditioner and body wash. We also provide fresh towels to dry off. You will only need to bring a change of clothes and an open mind.

How long before floating should I eat/drink?

This is personal preference and really dependent on your own body. You want to ensure you haven’t eaten anything for at least an hour before floating, however a light snack just before is harmless. We do recommend you avoid having any caffeine right before you float as it may interfere with your ability to relax.

What if I’m on my period?

You can still float on your period, but we ask that you wear a tampon for hygienic purposes. However, if you commonly experience heavy cycles and cramps, you may find it tricky to get comfortable in the tank and may prefer to reschedule your appointment.

Can I float if I’m pregnant?

Many women float in their 2nd and 3rd trimesters to assist with the discomforts that come with pregnancy. However, we do ask that you get your doctor’s approval just to be on the safe side.

Will the salt sting if I have any cuts?

If you have any large open cuts, we ask that you reschedule your appointment to avoid contaminating the water for our other visitors. For small cuts (CrossFitters… we’re looking at you!) we do recommend you cover them as the salt can sting. We provide you with spray-on bandage to use just in case you come unprepared.