Technology is great! There’s no denying it. Not only can we connect with people from across the world through phone, email, messenger, video chat and dozens of other forums, we also have the other side of technology that saves lives.

But while technology seems to be an amazing addition to our everyday lives, it’s getting harder to ignore the downsides of all the technological advances we have available to us.

We are seeing the emergence of ‘Technostress’ where people are struggling to be constantly available. Technostress encapsulates the feeling of how technology causes frustration, stress and lack of sleep. We have 24/7 access to our personal emails, work emails, text messages, phone calls, social media accounts and the list goes on.

Just because we can do all of these things at a touch of a button and within seconds, doesn’t mean we should. To monitor whether you need a technology detox ask yourself, when your phone pings do you stop what you are doing to check that message, even if you are in the middle of family time? You might feel like you can control your behaviour but if you watch your habits closely, you will probably notice otherwise. Does work and home life seem to be one blurred space where you will be checking emails and doing some work in your down-time?

If this sounds like you it’s time to take control of your technology and unplug. Learn to power down and find value in what is happening right in front of you. Start small: set aside 30 minutes in each day where you do not look at your phone or watch TV. Find solitude, regroup and find some inner peace.

If you are finding it hard to shut out all the exterior noise of life and technology, come into Lacor Float Centre and try out a float therapy session. Float therapy can give you the deep and clear state of mental and physical relaxation. In the tank, you will be secluded from all technology and external stimulation. Floating is the opposite of intake overload. And the amazing thing is that most of our customers walk away from their session and forget to check their phone for hours afterwards!